Lovely Day

Just wanted to check in with you all and wish you all an epic day/night wherever you are. Its been awhile but i feel like we need more love around here on our journeys through the interwebs/Wordpress. I hope you are all doing well, and for everyone whos struggling with life, i want you to know that i believe in you! you can do it dude, if you ever need to chat about whatever, ill find you some epic music and we can listen :D.

I am struggling with some mental health stuff and just now coming out of this depression. I want to get more into this. Heres back to day 1 of no more smoking and drinking. im going at it cold turkey.

Peace and Love yall.

I’m sitting here high

Working. It’s 1am.

didn’t get much done today in terms of work.

Way to Distracted

I slipped again and bought weed. Bought it as soon as I had the chance.

Without even thinking, I hurt somebody close to me by taking their property to get the drug. I feel like scum now. If I were my mentor I’d tell myself I was being too hard and to not do it again. But also what the hell man, you know that shits wrong.

I always use the same excuse, I just got paid, but I’m always pretty low on money. I’ve got at least another hour of work to do but I’m relaxing with some chill waves. Does anybody else do their work best at post midnight? On a more lighter note, I downloaded this kick ass app (so far) called Woebot. He is like my virtual buddy who teaches me CBT strategies. I’ll report back tomorrow to him about my mood. I’ll tell you my opinion on it in the next couple of posts. I appreciate everybody who is reading and following along. Thanks!!





You guys ready?

When you’re ready, close your eyes, take a couple of slow deep breaths. Once you are grounded and ready, read this out loud to yourself:


I made this contract for myself! You can use the template to see if it works for you.

I, [Insert Name Here] will use my self determination and my commitment to stop using weed. It will be impossible to continue with the next steps in quitting weed if you do not have this part down.

Understand that you want to commit to living a better, positive mindset, commit to using realities of the pandemic as a pedestal to quitting weed. REPEAT. Then follow the steps outlined in each section.

  1. Stop buying it. If you feel like going to get more, find an engaging activity you can do that doesn’t involve getting high. Throw that weed away, that means wax cartridges too. Throw anything that you can smoke out of a pipe or a rig/vape down the toilet. NO REGRETS right?

Activities that you can do without getting high include:

  • Creating a healthy environment for your brain by cleaning up around you. How the outside space looks is a reflection of how chaotic your thoughts are.
  • Call a friend up and start talking about something besides weed.
  • Write a blog post about a method or technique you learned that helps you stay healthy and fit during corona virus.
  • Drink a glass of water! Breath/meditate.
  • Do a load of laundry, seriously dude, its probably 2 hampers full by now.
  • Treat yourself to some good old fashion hygiene. Pop on the trip-hop and chill with a nice face mask.
  • Chew gum and walking
  1. Get rid of things that are related to weed. That means get rid of ever pipe, grinder, dab pen, bongs, papers hell get rid of the lighters too. If you don’t feel like smashing them into a million pieces, I invite you to gift it to a fellow stoner. Spread those peace and loving vibes. Just because we are sober doesn’t mean we lose our personality. We gain that and so much more. Think of it as gaining specific perks the more you build on the healthy and happy positive habits. Soon you’ll be top player in this death match. Remember guys, always side with the Light.

Knowing what to do when a craving comes up is important, so make a list of what you could do instead of think more about using weed. Sometimes weed paraphernalia triggers cravings. Don’t let this happen to you so prepare ahead of time.

Control these cravings by:

Changing your activity/environment. Ex. Go for a walk.

Hobbies that you used to for fun before smoking. Try doing something that makes you feel like you’re taking the positive, smart path. It should bring you joy. ex. drawing, singing, sports, weightlifting, cooking, practicing an instrument, studying, cleaning.

Exercise. Moving your body with exercise allows chemicals to be released that make you feel amazing. It is a proven fact. I’ve never completed a workout and felt like I shouldn’t have gone or at least tried.If you are not into working out at a gym, you can do other forms of movement. I hope that we can share our different individual ways we like to move here.

Find loved ones who will support you and connect with them. Sometimes it can be hard to feel like anybody wants to be around us during this time. That is complete bullshit. Your mind is tricking you, you deserve so much better. You need to reach out to these people and connect. This is also going to be an amazing hub of bad ass individuals that you can reach out to.

Seek Expert Help. SAMHSA National Helpline is a totally confidential FREE helpline from actual public health agencies that you can use to find places close by that can professionally help you out. SAMHSA Hotline #: 1-800-662-4357

  • Source:

Thought experiment #1

Analyze your thoughts every hour on the hour to see what is swirling around, it could be really productive…but it also might be dominating your precious thinking space.

I invite everybody to try this out with me and see what kind of results they get. I’m sure if we all help each-other analyze what it means, we could really gain a lot of helpful insight.

On a side note, I ended up binging buying a ton of vape cartridges. I’m quite ashamed of how much I spent but I’m not going to stop trying everything I can to fix the underlying issue. I still am going to show you guys this journey, I’m focusing on building important habits too.

As always, peace and love!


Zero hour, 3:15pm

Let this be a log of the last time I smoke weed. I’m excited to see where this new chapter takes me. Here’s to the clear mind and being able to hone in on what really makes me happy! Has anybody else quit weed after a decade under the influence? I’m talking every single day, all day every day. It’s been killing my potential to become the best version of myself for a longer time than I would like to admit. Anyways, wish me luck!